As an organisation Victoria Business Consulting has a responsibility first and foremost to its primary stakeholders - the students of Victoria University of Wellington. Following that, the Club has an obligation to sponsors, a positive future for the consulting industry, and to preserve and bring value to Aotearoa New Zealand. Here we explore those values and what we as a club stand for and promote.

We believe enforcing our values matter because they impact on the way individuals enter the workforce. VBC recognises its small, but significant part it plays in shaping the future of our working world and intends to face that head on.


Our Values


We welcome individuals of all backgrounds. Regardless of race, sex, sexuality, financial background or religion you are welcome in VBC. We promote a culture of calling out behaviour that we disagree with. This is expected at all levels - from local competition to the furthest international.


Our members strive to be honest and forthcoming with their beliefs. Conversely, they strive to welcome with curiosity opposing points of view. Our members are trained to provide an external perspective that companies need to hear - not the one they want to hear.


We train our members to work face to face with clients and work professionally with each other in tense and stressful environments.


Ethical Initiatives

VBC takes a variety of ethical initiatives to maintain responsibility for its place in society and the future.

Environment & Sustainability

Through all levels of

Solving the big issues

We are committed to solving the big issues of our generation. This means handling big problems, head on. We do not shy away from tough issues but handle them with a vision for the future of New Zealand. What is the future of energy within New Zealand? What is a safe and fast way of integrating AI into the workplace? We strongly encourage companies facing these companies to reach out and work with us to gain a valuable insight into how they can maintain their value and navigate change into the future. For our members, this means looking at controversial issues with professionalism and ethical integrity - it means providing value for the client and maintaining a strong ethical standard. Our members look at the future of oil and gas companies, big pharmaceuticals, end of life care and technology giants.

Improving New Zealand