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Currently applications for the VBC Development Squad are closed. They will open next on
23 March 2019. Registering an expression of interest will ensure you are notified before the applications for the next intake open. To strengthen your application we strongly encourage you to compete in events, continue with your personal development and reach out if you have any questions.

Please read about the program and then express your interest below.


About the Program

Frequently asked questions can be found below.

The Development Squad program has now run five times over the past two and a half years. The program has been incredibly popular and entry is competitive.

The foundation of the program is five case studies - the final of which being a (somewhat) friendly competition between the three teams of four. For five Saturday’s in a row teams apply what they learn in these case studies - each testing a different set of skills.

To supplement this teams participate in workshops before each case - providing knowledge, best practice and technique for finding and explaining high quality and creative solutions to the case studies. Teams also participate in a one hour coaching session during the week where the four members of that team receive individually tailored feedback on their performance and prepare themselves for the next round.

Training is aided by a variety of techniques. Teams are videoed one round and rewatch them - critiquing their own work. Research into current events in New Zealand and global business is provided during each coaching session. Teams also are expected to research into a randomly allocated industry and company to train other members and develop a bank of case studies and knowledge for use in competition.

Upon completion of the program teams are eligible for selection to national and international teams.

What’s Involved?

  • 4x 5 hour case studies. Past cases have included Sky TV, Fonterra, Uber and Northrop Grumman.

  • 1x 24 hour case study. Past cases have included Equinor, Starbucks and Emirates.

  • 5x 1 hour workshops on; “Business Analysis & Strategy”, “Strategy Implementation”, “Finance”, “Presentation & Pitching”, “Advanced PowerPoint”.

  • 3x Social Events.

  • 10 hours of direct coaching.

  • Research & case study development training.


  • Spaces are limited. Only twelve students are accepted from a pool normally of around 35 - 60. As such you are expected to commit to the program. Exceptions for attendance will be made only for exceptional circumstances.

  • Participants are expected to have an interest in competing at a higher level upon completion of the program.

  • Participants are expected to participate in the service requirements of VBC. This includes helping at competitions and attending seminars.

  • All up the program is approximately a 60 hour commitment run over a five week period. The majority of this contact time is on Saturdays with some midweek trainings and seminar sessions.


Expression of Interest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am in my first year of study. Can I apply?

A. Yes!

Q. I do not study commerce. Can I apply?

A. Yes! Some of the strongest talent that has come through the program have been non-commerce students. You are selected off the strength of your application, and performance at past competitions. Your degree/majors are taken into account only to the extent that a diversity of thought is good. We strongly encourage students of all faculties to apply.

Q. I am in my last year of study. Can I apply?

A. Yes… but. You are welcome to apply. However, the purpose of the program is to develop a set of skills that can be used by students passionate about competing

Q. I know someone on the VBC Executive, will this help my application?

A. Selections are done by our head-coach, any appointed coach of the program, and an external unbiased selector. Members that have completed the Development Squad are encouraged to nominate people that they see as having talent, but this does little more than draw attention of selectors and is unlikely to change your application outcome.

Q. There’s something about the program I do not understand, what should I do?

A. There are numerous ways to get in touch. Either email the VBC Executive here; or send us a message on our FaceBook page, or email our Head Coach here;.

Q. I just missed this intake. Can I still signup?

A. No. The program solicits applications during both trimester one and two. You will have to wait until the next intake. Registering an expression of interest will make clear your commitment and strong desire to be a part of the program. You can express interest above.

Q. I submitted an expression of interest a while ago. When should I hear from you?

A. We inform everyone that has made an expression of interest that applications are opening three days early. You can also see when the next intake opens here.

Q. Do I need to submit my academic transcript/CV/cover letter for the application?

A. No. A statement of interest, note of your past experience with the club and your personal details are all that is required.